The majority of my paintings are done on a commission basis, but I manage to paint a few in-between my bespoke work.  Below are some original paintings currently for sale, and also some information about the commission process.

Please do contact me for more information or to discuss further.

“We have three of your lovely pictures which we love.  They are painted with such deftness of touch which creates a light, fresh and realistic feel which makes them a wonderful addition to any home”. Katie Adlington, Hampshire

Original Paintings Available to buy

Out of stock

Original Paintings for Sale

Fireworks in Pink (100x50cm)


Original Paintings for Sale

‘Green Pom Pom’


**Please note that Mary-Ann Watt Art owns the copyright to all paintings sold, and  has the sole right to reproduce any images in any form.**


The commission process has evolved over time, sometimes requiring a site visit that allows me to work with the client in all aspects of the design, tailoring the painting so that it works beautifully within their chosen space. We will look at the wall colour, room fabrics, canvas type, size and, of course, variety of flower or fruit so that we can come up with the perfect, bespoke and unique piece of art to complement the room. 
I have, so far, done over 50 commissions for restaurants and hotels as well as kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and drawing rooms of private houses.
If you are interested in commissioning a painting, or just wish to discuss possibilities, please contact me via my contact page or directly via email at